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Perfectly Clear Natural Clarifier
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HTH Fi Clor Clarifier Regular Floc
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Granular Flocculant 5kg
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MiraClear Gel Cubes

Swimming Pool Clarifiers

An overview of Swimming Pool Clarifiers

Your pool can sometimes go cloudy because it has very small particles in it that are so small they pass straight through the filter. Swimming Pool Clarifiers are chemicals that make very small particles join together to form a bigger particle, big enough to get trapped in by your filter. Some clarifiers are simple compounds and others are complicated chemicals with secret formulas. The process of gathering small particles together is called Flocculation so clarifiers are also known as Flocculent or just Floc.

The most basic swimming pool clarifier is Aluminium Sulphate. This is what is in Granular Floc and Floc tablets. The two products are used in very different ways. Granular Floc is dissolved in water and added to the pool water. It immediately makes the water it turn grey and about 24 to 48 hours later it looks like it has snowed in your pool. There is a layer of white flakes on the bottom of the pool and your water should look clear. Now you have to vacuum the flakes out with the water going to waste. Floc tablets are placed in the skimmer basket and the dissolve quite quickly. They form a sticky layer on top of the sand in your filter and help it trap small particles as they pass through.

Another type of clarifier is a cationic liquid clarifier. These usually have a patented formula and work in the same way as aluminium sulphate but more quickly and more efficiently. These are also available as a gel cube that you put in the strainer basket of your pump. Like floc tabs they form a layer of gel on the top of your sand to trap small particles.

PoolStore recommend using a chitosan based clarifier. Chitosan is made from the discarded shells of crustaceans (prawns etc.) is a natural clarifier. Its natural formulation not only gathers up small particles it also mops up metals and oils and fats left by makeup and sun cream. Pefectly Clear natural clarifier is the chitosan based clarifier in our range above. The best feature of Perfectly Clear is that is takes so little liquid to clarify even a big pool making it a very economical as well an effective clarifier.