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Product Listing

Block and Liner Pool Kits
Block and Liner Pool Kits £3,992.00
Polymer Panel Pool Kits
Polymer Panel Pool Kits £2,500.00



DIY Swimming Pool Kits


There are various types of DIY swimming pool kits available to buy in the UK market. Poolstore UK offer the two most popular types in the Block and Liner and Polymer Panel kit options



What's the difference?


A Block and Liner pool is the most popular type of pool in the UK. You dig the hole, supply the blocks and mortar and we supply all the swimming pool equipment you require to make your Dream Pool a Reality.

From the flow fittings, to the pipework, filtration, liner, pool covers, heating and much more our DIY Block and Liner kit plus options has your requirements all covered.



A Polymer Panel Pool includes all the same equipment as the block and liner kit but instead of you supplying the blocks and mortar we supply polymer panels to make the pool structure. The Polymer panels do limit the water depth in the pool to 1 metre constant or you can build a hopper or wedge shape into your reinforced pool floor for some extra water depth.




Block and Liner Swimming Pool Construction Polymer Panel Swimming Pool Construction