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Plastica Premium Wooden Pool

Plastica Premium Wooden Pool


Plastica Wooden Pools. High quality british craftsmanship and value that will add that extra bit of wow factor to any garden


ladder gardipool strected octagan
Stretched Octogan Coping detail Ladders Edge Detail

High quality and competitive pricing combine in this wooden pool.


Made in Britian by industry stalwarts Plastica.


Comes with a 30 thou blue liner with mosaic tileband


Elongated octagons have a sturdy metal brace. 


This pool is perfect for part burying and having decking laid next to it. 


    Standard package includes:


  • Redwood Walls and Structure
  • New upgraded two piece hardwood top
  • Hidden underfixing kit
  • Corner cover strips
  • Internal stainless steel ladder
  • External wooden ladder
  • Felt and foam underlay
  • Complete filtration kit includes pipework and fittings
  • Maintenance kit
  • Water treatment starter kit
  • Installation guide and DVD

Sizes are to inside of pool walls. Premium pools are 1.31m deep.


Pool Size Retail Price PoolStore Price
4m (13.5ft) Knightsbridge Octagonal Pool £6,603.00 £4,995.00
5.5m (18.04ft) Hampstead Octagonal Pool £8,437.00 £6,695.00
3.6m x 5.5m (12ft x 18ft) Belgravia Stretched Octagon £8,390.00 £6,985.00
3.6m x 6.5m (12ft x 21.3ft) Bayswater Stretched Octagon £9,696.00 £7,495.00
4.6m x 8.1m (15ft x 27ft) Westminster Stretched Octagon £11,687.00 £8,895.00


  None of these sizes right for you? Contact us - we can make bespoke sized wooden pools to suit you.


The current delivery lead time from an order is around 14 weeks


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Premium Wooden Pools:
Price starts from: £4,995.00 inc VAT
Quantity :
Gardipool Wooden Pool £6,612.00